Thank you universe for bringing me here. 

Thank you for my amazing son who continually gives me love on a daily basis. 

Thank you for my extremely helpful boyfriend who is my rock and grounds me daily. 

It’s not hard to find 3 things a day to be grateful for. I have been attempting 10 things a day to be grateful for. As I press on with my journey of practicing gratitude I am continually finding amazing things to be grateful for. 

I owe this sense of strong gratitude to the book, ” The Secret” that was introduced to me years ago.  Changing my mindset to continually build a wall of gratefulness has been an exciting challenge I’m ready to accept. 

Can you name three things you are thankful for today? Why are you thankful for those 3 things? 


#thesecret  #positivevibes #thankyou 


Author: audaciousscribbles

Freelance Blogger and Writer -We all have the same super power. It's called our mind. Yet, we all get to use our super power differently.- A. Bazzett

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