Let Go Already 

Why is it so hard to let go? Human nature, scared of the unknown, fear of loneliness or comfort zone. I don’t understand why letting go is hard and I have no answer to tell you! 

Relationships, jobs, friends, or even family are things we have to let go of due to the issues that bring us harm emotionally and mentally. I have walked away from all of these at one point in my life. At first, I was scared of the unknown and change, but after time passed I realized that I felt liberated! Not only was I moving forward but I was excelling beyond measures I didn’t know were possible. 

I had no more hurt in my heart! I felt love for myself! MYSELF! It was amazing all that time I was missing me! The hurt and drama that dragged me down mentally and emotionally no longer affected me. No more control over me and belittling me. From myself or others. 

If you are questioning to let go of anything, I would say just let go. Not slowly…..rip it off like a bandaide!  The faster the better. You will feel the sting for a minute but than you will see the focus of love. Love is a life changer. 

If anything is not serving you to better yourself and your life move on! You deserve better and don’t make excuses! Get motivated!

Thanks everyone! 



Author: audaciousscribbles

Freelance Blogger and Writer -We all have the same super power. It's called our mind. Yet, we all get to use our super power differently.- A. Bazzett

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