Who me?

Inspired by the world to become a better person inside and out! Enjoying life as it comes. Not rushing for any moment but for the moment of love. Believing in myself at the roughest of times.

I’m not going to sit here and list all these things that supposedly make me an awesome person because of accomplishment after accomplishment. That is not the sole purpose of this blog. It’s not a me…me….ME! It’s about you! I do understand that my readers like a little background information showing that I’m a breathing human.

I believe in the best cup of morning coffee a person can have is a cup of motivation to get through the day. OH!! And a strong black cup of coffee with a hit of vanilla creamer. I believe to choose to see the good in the world because the world we live in needs it more. No I don’t practice yoga but would love to add it on the to-do list. Oh did I mention my love for writing. Hoping one day to be good enough at it to make a living?! With all things practice makes perfect.

Just want to write down random thoughts and share with the world. You might like them and sometimes you may not. I’m ok with that.



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