35 Little Ways To Lessen Your Daily Level Of Stress

Jeff Isy1. Switch from coffee to green or herbal tea. 2. Go for a 15-20 minute walk every. single. day. (alright, exception for a snowstorm or hurricane, but otherwise, get out there!) 3. Write down your intentions for the day. 4. Check back in with your breath. Slow it down when necessary. 5. Light some…





Thank you universe for bringing me here. 

Thank you for my amazing son who continually gives me love on a daily basis. 

Thank you for my extremely helpful boyfriend who is my rock and grounds me daily. 

It’s not hard to find 3 things a day to be grateful for. I have been attempting 10 things a day to be grateful for. As I press on with my journey of practicing gratitude I am continually finding amazing things to be grateful for. 

I owe this sense of strong gratitude to the book, ” The Secret” that was introduced to me years ago.  Changing my mindset to continually build a wall of gratefulness has been an exciting challenge I’m ready to accept. 

Can you name three things you are thankful for today? Why are you thankful for those 3 things? 


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Practicing Gratitude


Gratitude has been weighing heavy on my heart, mind, and soul lately. Practicing the art of gratitude has shown me ways of thinking without judgement. I enjoy that feeling. I enjoy being grateful instead of having a heart full of hate. Times I have to chose gratitude and it is hard. Conquering my emotions in order to feel grateful for any given situation has been an insight for me. Showing me the way of love and giving love brings more love.

I choose gratitude everyday in the smallest and biggest ways I am able to.

What ways do you express gratitude?

Can my readers please stand up?!

My dearest readers please stand up and feel those emotions. You are happy, crazy, excited, overwhelmed, motivated, fearless, but YOU ARE YOU! Your emotions, personality, character, and presence is what I need to fuel this blog. Lets get in touch with those emotions. No not your emoji on your iPhone…( winkie face). COUGH* Bad joke inserted.




Where will I get this emotion or inspiration from? Who are my readers? The guy on the subway or bus commuting to work, the men and woman sipping coffee at Starbucks, the working mom, the stay-at-home mom, or the college student. You all have different faces but I need you! Everyone feels, thinks, expresses, or communicates in different ways but we are all human. How exciting!!! My strong, fierce, independent minded readers, who have something to Say…Feel…Laugh…Cry…Awe at.

YOU are what I’m thinking about, listening to, reaching out, and believing in. I want to relate to each and every one of you on a personal basis. I need voices and with those voices comes  strong uncensored emotions.